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TV shows now – character vs. action

2014: Have you watched and good TV shows lately? 1995: Have you seen any good movies lately? Sounds familiar? The last decade has been a great one for TV-shows. Looking at a list of shows that have been successful over the last 10-15 years, it´s hard to argue with this. You might not be a […]


Season Guest Appearances

Great TV-shows not only depend on their regular cast for the show to be a success. If the regulars are considered the heart of the show, seasonal guest appearances could be considered the medical check-ups. Even though a show can be considered pretty much in perfect condition, a medical check-up is never a bad idea. […]



We’re all familiar with the classical stories of “he lost/gained 80 pounds for his part in (insert movie)”. Here’s a couple of impressive facts in that regard: Obviously it’s difficult to speak of actors dedicating themselves more then what is usually expected without mentioning the great Robert De Niro. The man needs no further introduction, […]