We’re all familiar with the classical stories of “he lost/gained 80 pounds for his part in (insert movie)”. Here’s a couple of impressive facts in that regard:

Obviously it’s difficult to speak of actors dedicating themselves more then what is usually expected without mentioning the great Robert De Niro. The man needs no further introduction, and these might be known facts for many of you, but anyway. Here goes:

– To prepare himself for portraying Vito Corleone in ‘The Godfather: Part II’, he spent four months learning the Sicilian dialect, and most of his lines in the movie are (surprise, surprise) in Sicilian. As if the task of recreating the role of a younger Vito wasn’t hard enough after Marlon Brando’s oscar-winning performance in the prequel…

– The very same De Niro paid a dentist $5000 to make his teeth look bad for his role as Max Cady in ‘Cape Fear’… he then later paid $20000 to have them fixed post production.

Robert De Niro in 'Cape Fear'
Robert De Niro in ‘Cape Fear’

– For his role as Jake La Motta in ‘Raging Bull’, De Niro went through a lot of physical training and even entered three boxing matches in Brooklyn. He won two of them. To portray the scenes of the older Jake La Motta he gained 60 pounds (27.3kg)…

– Vincent D’Onofrio holds the world record for most weighed gained for a role, 70 pounds (31.8kg) for his role in ‘Full Metal Jacket’. He also gained 45 pounds (20.5kg) for his role in ‘The Salton Sea’.

– Nicolas Cage ate a cockroach in the movie ‘Vampire’s Kiss’… it took three takes. He also pulled two teeth without anestethic for his role in ‘Birdy’.

– Christian Bale lost 63 punds (28.6kg) for his role in ‘The Machinist’, a feat which is even more impressive considering he portrayed the not quite so skinny Batman a year later in ‘Batman Begins’…

– While shooting ‘Gangs of New York’, Daniel Day-Lewis rarely got out of character, and actually spoke with a New York accent the whole day. He also sharpened his knives at lunch (he played ‘The Butcher’)

– Last, but not least, Massimo Troisi was told that he needed treatment for his heart condition prior to filming ‘Il Postino’. Troisi, however, believed that making the film was of greater importance and carried on. 12 hours after the cameras stopped rolling, Troisi died…

Massimo Troisi sadly died only 12 hours after shooting finished for 'Il Postino'
Massimo Troisi sadly died only 12 hours after shooting finished for ‘Il Postino’

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