We need to talk about Joe Pesci

After reprising his role as Leo Getz in ‘Lethal Weapon 4’ in 1998, Joe Pesci has only starred in two movies, ‘Love Ranch’ and ‘The Good Shepard’. In the latter he only did one cameo scene, and it’s probably not a coincidence he decided to come out from his hiatus for that movie, considering it was directed my long time friend Robert De Niro. Despite Joe Pesci being pretty much retired from the movie industry (he will lend his voice to the upcoming movie ‘Savva: Heart of the Warrior), he’s most certainly given us some memorable moments to revisit throughout his film career. Known for both his short tempered characters in mob movies and his comedic skills in movies such as ‘Home Alone’, I for one am constantly (not literally, but you know…) crossing my fingers that we will get to see him again on the big screen…

Joe Pesci in 'Raging Bull'
Joe Pesci in ‘Raging Bull’

Reasons to love Joe Pesci

  • He played the bad guy in the Michael Jackson movie ‘Moonwalker’. Not a lot of people can say that. Joe Pesci can.
  • During the filming of Home Alone, a swear jar was set up for the adult actors to throw change in when they cursed. Joe Pesci supposedly filled it up in one single day…
  • He’s starred in both ‘Raging Bull’, ‘Casino’ and ‘Goodfellas’, arguably some of the finest movies ever made.
  • It doesn’t really matter that he’s not doing a movie a year, as we all get to watch him every Christmas in ‘Home Alone’.
  • Has done a total of 6 movies with Robert De Niro.
  • He’s funny… funny how? Just you know… funny.
Joe Pesci in 'Moonwalker'
Joe Pesci as the bad guy in Michael Jackson’s ‘Moonwalker’


One final note on Joe Pesci. After winning an Oscar for his supporting role in ‘Goodfellas’, his speech was simple: “This is an honor and privilege, thank you.” He was later asked why he didn’t give a longer speech, and simply replied: “I really didn’t think I was going to win…”

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