The early roles of stars

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for actors it’s usually at the very bottom of the movie credits. From there, it can be a long road to stardom… Looking at the filmographies of some of the biggest movie stars today, here are a couple of actors and actresses who started off with some “classic” roles. You know the ones… “Girl at party”, “Surfer dude”, “Protester outside building” or… in the case of George Clooney, the role of “Lip syncing transvestite” in the 1992 movie ‘The Harvest’.

Clooney’s buddy Brad Pitt also managed to rack up a couple of good ones before he had his breakthrough with ‘Thelma & Louise’. In the movie ‘Hunk’ he took on the role of “Guy at beach with drink”, and in ‘Less than Zero’ he played “Partygoer/Preppy Guy at Fight”.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence played “Frantic Girl” in the TV movie ‘Not Another High School Show’, while Leonardo DiCaprio played “Kid Fighting Scout” and “Guy” in ‘The Outsiders’ and ‘Poison Ivy’ respectively.

It makes you wonder… will “Party Girl #5” from ‘The Wolf of Wolf Street’ join the ranks of stardom? Or maybe we’ll see “Hockey Fan” from ‘Run All Night’ as an Oscar winner 15 years from now? Who knows…?

Here are a couple of other odd favorites of mine when it comes to film star credits:

  • Kevin Spacey as “Subway Thief” in ‘Heartburn’ (1986)
  • Norman Reedus as “Sextools Delivery Boy” in ‘Luster’ (2002) – he was however credited as Norman Reedis for this particular role… probably not a coincidence
  • Matthew McConaughey as “Guy #2” in ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ (1993)
  • Liam Neeson as “Young Catholic” in ‘Nailed’ (1981)
  • Christian Bale as “Robin the Luggage-boy” in ‘Henry V’ (1989)
  • Aaron Paul as “Frat Boy #2” in ‘Melrose Place’ (1999)
  • James Franco as “Apartment Guy #3” in ‘Some Body’ (2001)
  • Nicolas Cage as “Man in Red Sports Car” in ‘Never on Tuesday’ (1989)


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