Three Book Series To Check Out

Finishing a great book can be both a wonderful and frustrating experience. Although there’s an endless selection of other books out there for you to read next, there will always be certain characters and universes that make you extra hungry for more. Immediately. When that happens, nothing is better than discovering that the book you just finished is part […]


Upcoming movies: A missing wife, a crazy reporter and… a birdman?

As the summer slowly but surely gives way to autumn (ok, maybe not so much here in Malta), it’s time to leave the beach for the movie theaters. Here are a couple of movies to look forward to in the coming months, with a very short reason why I’m looking forward to them, plus a […]

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Based on the book by…

It might be true; in most cases the books are better than the movies or TV shows that follow them, but in many cases that does not necessarily mean that the movies/TV shows are bad. On the contrary, so many great movies out there are based on books and novels, and here are a couple […]