Les Revenants – atmospheric and riveting

A couple of years back, Canal+ released a French TV drama called ‘Les Revenants’, english title being ‘The Returned’. Although it was a huge hit in France, it took a while before it was recognised elsewhere, but when it did, it didn’t take long until there was an American remake on the way… no surprise. As the second season approaches, here are a couple of reasons to watch the wonder TV-series ‘Les Revenants’ from 2012:

And so it begins...
And so it begins…


A unique and very well created atmosphere

The opening scene of the show takes us back to a tragic bus accident that leaves tragic wounds in a small mountain community in France. However, a few years later, several people presumed dead reappear, including Camille, who was on the bus. Those returning seem completely unaware of  the fact that they’ve died, whereas the people of the town have a hard time understanding what exactly is happening. Especially Lena, Camille’s twin sister, who suddenly appear several years older than her now “younger” twin sister. I’ve rarely been as mesmerised by a TV show as I was when watching the 8 episodes of this amazing show. Dialogue, scenery, actors, characters and music all seem to fit each other perfectly, and I for one can not wait for the second season, which has taken its sweet ass time to get here…

The music

I briefly mentioned the music already, but it’s worth its own paragraph. The Scottish band Mogwai created the soundtrack for the show, and they hit the nail on the head so spot on, they’re probably off making furniture somewhere by now. The opening montage is beautiful enough in itself, but the music makes it even more brilliant, something which remains consistent throughout the show. Wonderful job!

Lena, Jerome, Simon etc.

So many amazing performances in this show. Jenna Thiam, who played Lena, should definitely have a great future ahead of her, and Frédéric Pierrot was amazing as Jérome, the father of the twin sisters Lena and Camille. All the characters seemed to be fairly multi-layered as well, with a bit of mystery attached, especially the main characters. Guillaume Gouix, who was perfect as Serge, was also a standout.

Jenna Thiam (Lena) and Yara Pilartz (Camille)
Jenna Thiam (Lena) and Yara Pilartz (Camille)


The teaser for the second season has been released, so if you haven’t watched the first season, get started… this is, together with ‘True Detectives’, definitely the show I’m most looking forward to this year when it comes to follow-up seasons.

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